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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Well...today only managed to add on something on this blog. This kuih actually has it sentimental value to me. My lovely late mother in-law (she passed away last year on 8 Dec, 2009) very expert making this BAHULU KEMBOJA. She's the 1st. person who served me this kuih. Hasil masakan beliau memang terkenal dengan secukup rasanya ie manis, lemak & wangi daun pandan. But sometimes, peoples taking for granted. Know y...while she's still around, i never really sit down, see & learn how she prepared this kuih. But one thing during her admission in Ipoh Specialist Centre before she left us, she do tell me, once she get well, she want to teach me how to cook this kuih. But it's too late, she's gone together with her receipe. But she left behind the bahulu kemboja 'mould' which i took it as my 'vision' to learn about this kuih from someone who thought her before. I managed! So, the photo's shows my first baking of this kuih. And like her, i do selling this traditional kuih if there is any orders. The 1st. photo show's with some decoration on it which is usually for 'hantaran' ie. engagement or wedding ceremony. While below photo is without decoration which is for anytime...dessert. My selling price for small mould is RM2.80/pieces while for bigger mould is RM3.50/piece. If anybody would like to order, please use the handphone number given on this blog.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The 1st. photo is the 'FCC' & 2nd photo is 'CC' with Buttercream Icing & some fondants decorated on it. All these photo's has been taken during my classes somewhere in January, 2010 in KL. It's fun & very interesting. It's a bit tough to me because i'm not that creative but i'm willing to learn. My 2 classes start from morning till late evening. Things that i cannot forget is...nearly ending of the classes, i was 'attended' by my 'sakit kepala' which make me feel like....'V'. My gosh! Lucky it doesn't happen in the trainning centre. I just hold it out! More over...1 spend a lot to attend this 2 classes. Like old phrase said - to gain something you must sacrifice something. But i'm very grateful to have a 'good' & 'mesra alam' trainner - Kak Lea -. Thanks to you...'n' i do hope to see u again in future & taking other classes such as 'CHEESE CAKE'. Yummy!

Frozen 'CURRY-PUFF' or 'Karipap' in Malay words, are part of my 'small business' too. These curry-puff is made by quality ingredients started from the flour that i used, the filling that i cook. It has few choice of fillings such as Chicken+Potato(5 pcs @ RM5.00), Prawn+Potato(5 pcs @ RM5.00), Sardine+Potato(5 pcs @ RM5.00) & Beef(Black Pepper Style 5 pcs @ RM6.00). It's open for orders but the orders must be made 3 days in-advance before pick-up date. Do try out...it's yummy & delicious!

Well...this time, after attended 'cute' cupcake class in Kuala Lumpur last January, i would like to try my skill in doing this cupcakes for my nephew - Syafiq - 'merisik' day last February, 2010. I started baking the cakes that night at a very late hours. At about nearly 11.00pm. I wanted to give him something that i made by my own 'air tangan'. These are 'moist chocolate cupcakes' topping with 'Ganage' with simple decoration with 'Buttercream'. I finished baking, decorating, packing & washing those utensils at about 4.00a.m. I'm satisfied eventhough it's really take my sleeping time.

These are the actual photo's of the tartlets from my oven. Happy that what ever i learn from the class which conducted by Maklang Azie successfully absorb to my knowledge. Now...all these open for orders. The Fresh Fruits tartlets which packing with nicely decorated box by my niece - Min - actually for my hubby cousin engagement ceremony last December in 2009. It's turn up nicely with 'yummy' taste (is it so! he he he) only that the casing - paper cup - is a bit bigger. Actually wrong estimation by myself. But it just 'ok'.